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"Opinion polls show that the majority of Americans, and the majority of New Jerseyans, favor marriage equality for same sex couples."

"(The Opportunity Scholarship Act) would be funded directly from public school budgets. So it would absolutely take money out of the public school system to transfer to private and religious schools."

"They say teachers only make on average in New Jersey 60,000 dollars a year. They only work 180 days."

"(Chris Christie) has not paid one dollar of state money into our pension system, and then states that the system is broke."

Says "out of 588 school districts, we give 31 (former Abbott) districts 70 percent of the aid."

Says "if you are shot in the city of Newark, you have over an 80 percent chance that you've been arrested before an average of 10 times."

"The proudest accomplishment (of my tenure) was leaving the state with a $1.2 billion surplus, which was the largest we’d ever had, and getting spending under control and a balanced budget."  

"The water quality in the ocean is perfect. It’s been tested up and down every ocean shore in New Jersey."

Hurricane "Irene was the second-largest storm to hit North America in terms of power outages -- and the first hurricane to make landfall in New Jersey since 1904."  

Says 600,000 to 700,000 government workers have been laid off in the last year and a half

"Point Pleasant Beach does not own its beaches; they are privately owned and operated by businesses such as Jenkinson’s"

Says enrolling a student in a subsidized lunch program triggers an "at risk" designation, resulting in an extra $6,000 to $7,000 of state school aid per student.

"Last year -- actually, this year in May -- we saw New Jersey Transit fares rise anywhere from 25 percent to 47 percent."

"Almost 88,000 United States service members are still missing and unaccounted for, dating back to World War II."

Says more than eight countries lead the United States in the percentage of college graduates.  

"Polls now show a majority of Catholics favor marriage equality."

"Every president has raised the debt ceiling."  

"By any measure, New Jersey has one of the most segregated school systems in the country."  

Says for the first time in the history of the United States, the government cut taxes during wartime

"This governor has cut funding repeatedly for people who have AIDS, who need drugs to save their life."

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