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Says the pension and health benefits reform "eliminated collective bargaining for health benefits."

Says "in Katrina, they approved $60 billion within 10 days of the storm on a voice vote."

Says "on the state level, we spend less today than Jon Corzine spent in fiscal year 2008, five years later."

Says "the area damaged by Hurricane Sandy represents roughly 10 percent of our nation's economy."

Says Chris Christie "vetoed" a "jobs package" of "30 bills."

Says Chris Christie’s plan "to kick-start our economy" is to propose an "income tax cut that disproportionately benefits the wealthy, and...he's still proposing it."

"In total, we have added nearly 75,000 private sector jobs in New Jersey since we took office in January 2010."

"Gross income tax receipts are exceeding the Administration’s projections for this fiscal year prior to Sandy."

Says "how much money the government is collecting from people...in terms of the gross domestic product" is "the lowest in 40, 50 years."

"A far different picture from the prior eight years, which saw 115 increases in taxes and fees."

Says in fiscal year 2011, the state had "a projected $11 billion deficit."

"Hurricane Sandy, the most destructive Atlantic storm ever."

Says "10 days after Hurricane Katrina, this chamber passed two separate bills amounting to $60 billion. It has been nearly two months since we had Superstorm Sandy, and nothing has passed."

Says "our economy in New Jersey gets $38 billion from the businesses at the Shore."

"You see 34 people (are) murdered every single day" by gunfire in America.

"The price tag amounted to nearly $4,200 for every man, woman and child in the state."

"I have the experience as Senate Budget Chair of cutting $4.5 billion in spending -- to close the deficit while protecting education and health care."

"Right now one of our highest job growth sectors is Leisure and Hospitality. We've added jobs that mostly fall within the restaurant and bar sector industry. These are not high-paying jobs, as the U.S. Department of Labor estimates this is an industry sector with the lowest average wages and the lowest proportion of its workforce earning minimum or subminimum wage jobs."

"More than 50 percent of those people getting minimum wage in this state are high school students."

"In 2008, tourism brought in $38 billion dollars and supported more than 300,000 jobs in the state of New Jersey."

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