Statements about Education

"New Jersey loses net, that is minus those who come into the state, 30,000 students a year."

Says State Comptroller Matthew Boxer "pointed out that many towns are artificially lowering the real estate values that they report to Trenton" in order to "get hundreds of millions of dollars of additional school aid. This is the kind of fraud that needs to be addressed immediately."

"Here's something that people never talk about with coach Schiano: Rutgers had the best graduation rate of any Division I football program in America."

"United States of America is twenty-sixth in school performance in the world."

Says over the last two years, New Jersey Schools Development Authority employees "have not started or completed one single school project, and I’m not talking about major school renovation. I’m talking about replacing boilers, roofs."

Says in Newark "we’re paying 80 percent of the school budget from local property taxes."

Says "kids who start in the ninth grade in the city of Newark this past September, 23 percent of them will graduate in four years."

"(The Opportunity Scholarship Act) would be funded directly from public school budgets. So it would absolutely take money out of the public school system to transfer to private and religious schools."

"They say teachers only make on average in New Jersey 60,000 dollars a year. They only work 180 days."

Says "out of 588 school districts, we give 31 (former Abbott) districts 70 percent of the aid."

Says the state auditor found that 37 percent of the 428,000 students receiving free and reduced-price lunches are ineligible.

Says 23 percent of ninth graders in Newark will graduate with a high school diploma in four years and "we spend $100,000 on their education in those four years, more than is spent on any other set of students in the United States."

"New Jersey alone, my home state, is facing a ten-and-a-half billion dollar shortfall in its 2012 fiscal budget. This means more cuts in state and local spending for education, which means our kids are hurt."

Says Gov. Chris Christie "cut spending (by) $1 billion" and provided "$850 million in new education funding."

Says "160,000 kids stay home every day because they are afraid to go to school because of bullying."

Says "New Jersey's public school students have the best Advanced Placement scores in the nation."

Says enrolling a student in a subsidized lunch program triggers an "at risk" designation, resulting in an extra $6,000 to $7,000 of state school aid per student.

Says more than eight countries lead the United States in the percentage of college graduates.  

Says "the most dangerous time for children" is from "3 to 6 p.m., during which time juvenile crime rates triple"

"By any measure, New Jersey has one of the most segregated school systems in the country."  

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