Statements about Jobs

Says Chris Christie created "this new category where you could get laid off and just be totally denied unemployment benefits forever."

Says under U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez’s watch the nation’s unemployment rate and debt doubled and the federal budget deficit quadrupled.

"We have more people working in the state of New Jersey today than we've ever had in our history."

Says there are "fewer jobs in America today than when Barack Obama became president."

"The president promised that if he spent money on a stimulus program that unemployment would go to 5.7 percent or 6 percent. Those were his words."

"We have more scientists and engineers per square mile than anywhere in the world."

"What I look at every month is how many more New Jerseyans are back to work. You have another 9,900 last month that are back to work and over almost 90,000 that are back to work now since I became governor."

"We created as many jobs in the first six months of this year as we did in all of 2011 and 2011 was the best single year for private-sector job growth since the year 2000."

"New Jersey today has fewer employees in state government than it had when Christie Whitman left office in January of 2001, and I think that’s good. And we did it without any layoffs. We did it through attrition."

"We are not producing jobs. We created 80,000 jobs last month. We don't talk about the jobs that we lost. The net of it all is that we lost jobs."

Says "our 12 month job increase was the sixth highest in the nation."

"New Jersey's citizens are working at the highest rate in three years."

"The state's unemployment rate is fifth-highest in the country, a full point above the nationwide rate and higher than all of our...neighboring states."

Says New Jersey’s job growth in May represents "25 percent of all the jobs created in the country."

Says PolitiFact issued a True ruling on Paul Krugman calling "Governor Christie a ‘fiscal phony.’"

"Women have come through the recession worse off than men … the numbers bear that out. We went from a 7 percent unemployment rate for women when he (President Barack Obama) was elected to an 8.1 percent now."

Says "there have been some job gains in the McMansion State since Mr. Christie took office, but they have lagged gains both in the nation as a whole and in New York and Connecticut, the obvious points of comparison."

Says in March New Jersey was "one of only eight states in the nation to lose jobs" and "the state with the highest loss of jobs in the nation."

"Wisconsin lost more jobs over the past 12 months than any other state."

"While the country’s economy was battered, nine states with no income tax actually grew jobs from 2001 to 2010."

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