Statements about Jobs

"Ninety percent of the people who work in this country work for companies under 100 people, maybe even less than that."

"We've seen in this last year tremendous things happening, including our unemployment rate come down 2 percentage points."

Says private-sector job growth in 2011 "places New Jersey in the top third among all of the states."

Says "as of November, we were ranked 45th in the nation in terms of job creation, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics."

Says Chris Christie "inherited the highest taxes in America and the worst unemployment in the region."

Says New Jersey is "down nearly 200,000 jobs from its pre-recession peak" and with Gov. Chris Christie "New Jersey has trailed the rest of America when it comes to unemployment" for 12 consecutive months.

Says with "Gov. Chris Christie and bipartisan reformers" New Jersey had "the most job growth in 11 years."

"Our jobless rate, our unemployment rate, is the lowest of all of the big cities in New Jersey."

Says "we’ve accomplished balancing two budgets without raising taxes. We’ve now created 60,000 new private-sector jobs. We’ve made government smaller."

"One year today since #GOP took control of the House" and "no new jobs."

"And, as of today, New Jersey state government has less employees than when Christie Whitman left office in 2001."

Says "our unemployment insurance trust fund is broke. We're over a billion dollars in debt to the federal government."

Says Barack Obama had "huge majorities" in Congress during his first two years in office and "did nothing with them to create jobs in America."

"While (Chris Christie) talks about job creation, we don't see jobs being created in this state."

"Since Obama took office, a net of 540,000 additional black Americans – Obama’s strongest supporters – have lost their jobs." 

Says state Senate President Stephen "Sweeney gave us the nation's highest income tax rates, driving out jobs."

Says Democrats raised taxes over 115 times in the past 10 years, "making New Jersey increasingly unaffordable and chasing jobs to neighboring states."

Says "New Jersey's unemployment is significantly lower than it was when I got here. And we've created 50,000 new private sector jobs in the last 20 months after having lost 117,000 in the year before I got here."

Says "New Jersey’s $1 billion horse racing industry … employs 13,000 individuals and ensures the preservation of 176,000 acres of horse farmland."

Says 600,000 to 700,000 government workers have been laid off in the last year and a half

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