Statements about State Budget

Says his administration balanced "two budgets with over $13 billion in deficits without raising taxes."

"The average state pension, including managers, is $23,000 a year; and just $14,000 for local government workers."

Says enrolling a student in a subsidized lunch program triggers an "at risk" designation, resulting in an extra $6,000 to $7,000 of state school aid per student.

"Since I introduced my budget -- first budget -- in March of 2010, we've created 50,000 new private-sector jobs for the people of this state."

Says a Senate resolution would restore $140 in monthly general assistance payments and prevent people from committing crime.

Says the state’s pension and health benefits reform includes "the destruction of public sector collective bargaining rights."

"One in every five families in the state of New Jersey has a loved one with a mental illness, a serious mental illness, and today, we don’t care." 

Says Democrats cut $35 million from the state budget for Information Technology improvements.

Says the state budget "doubled property tax credits for seniors and middle class New Jerseyans" and had "no tax increases for any New Jersey family for the second year in a row."

"The firefighter and police officer pension system is not headed for bankruptcy, far from it. That’s because New Jersey first responders -- fire fighters and police officers -- have never missed making payments to the retirement system." 

"In our proposal, we would have expanded school aid across the board … Governor Christie slashed school aid in this budget, preferring instead to extend a tax break for millionaires over funding in the classroom."

Says the average government worker won't be impacted in the first two years under the reform of state health benefits.

"This governor has cut funding repeatedly for people who have AIDS, who need drugs to save their life."

"Only the State of New York spends more money on Medicaid than the State of New Jersey."

Gov. Chris Christie owes the state money "for amenities like extra Gorgonzola cheese for his staff on these trips."

"(New Jersey Network) is the only news station which covers New Jersey government."

"When the union says I want to eliminate tenure, that’s not true."

"As soon as Chris Christie was governor, he gave tax cuts to millionaires."

Says Gov. Chris Christie's decision to close the Elizabeth MVC "saved no money."

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