Statements about Taxes

Says New Jersey is "50th in return of our federal tax dollars."

"Now remember, property taxes went up 70 percent in the 10 years before I became governor."

Says the United States has the "highest corporate tax rate in the world."

"The income tax that started at 2 percent under Governor Byrne is now 9 percent."

"Bob Menendez actually voted in favor of higher taxes more than 70 times!"

Says "the governor is going around the state talking about [how] we should fund an income tax cut" that benefits higher income earners and not lower income earners

"Sen. Bob Menendez voted to enact a new tax on the sale of homes of 3.8%."

Says Gov. Chris Christie has embarked on a tour to "demand that New Jersey’s Democratic legislature approve an immediate tax cut that would disproportionately benefit the wealthiest."

Says "taxes were raised 115 times in the eight years before I became governor" and those increases were part of a "path that led to wealth and jobs and people leaving our state."

"We've got the highest corporate tax rate in the world."

"I haven't raised taxes in the time I've been the governor of New Jersey."

"(The Tax Policy Center) found that Romney would raise taxes on the average middle class family by $2,000 to pay for $5 trillion in tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires."

Says Congressman Jon Runyan does not want to cut taxes for the middle class, but only for millionaires.

Says President Barack Obama "has not raised taxes."

Says raising the state income tax rate on millionaires to offset property taxes for other residents is "not a tax increase. It's a tax shift."

Says "the money is in the budget" to give a tax break to "everyone," including people making more than $1 million.

"We are not producing jobs. We created 80,000 jobs last month. We don't talk about the jobs that we lost. The net of it all is that we lost jobs."

Says state Sen. Paul Sarlo "said in February on NJTV, ‘there will be no tax increases in this budget’" and "voted the other night in the Senate Budget Committee to raise income taxes $800 million."

"(Assembly Democrats) wanted to raise the gas tax by $2.4 billion. We said no to that....They’re down on the ground. They’re sweating. They’re twitching. It’s ugly, ‘cause I keep saying no."

Says Democratic legislators this year "don't want to cut your taxes under any circumstances."

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