Promises about Government regulation on Coop-O-Meter

Create a non-partisan redistricting commission

"I will work to ... create a non-partisan Redistricting Commission to make voting districts fair and competitive."

State assistance for student loan borrowers

"I will call for establishing a state loan refinancing authority. This will allow North Carolina to lower monthly loan repayments for thousands of (student) borrowers"

Improve child-care quality

"I will encourage greater partnerships within our education system to help more childcare facilities enhance programming and staffing to boost the number of 4-star and even 5-star facilities available to families. At the same time, I will ensure that the state continues to increase early childhood licensing standards so that we are always striving to create the highest quality early childcare programs possible."

Create program to give principals flexibility

"I will work with our state’s education leaders to create a Freedom & Flexibility Pledge for principals."

Less standardized testing and more freedom for teachers to craft lesson plans

"Stop over-testing. Over-testing is overwhelming our students and teachers and jeopardizing the quality of education provided in our schools. ... As governor, I will promote a statewide education policy that encourages creativity in the classroom, with personalized education plans, flipped classrooms and student governance, among others."

New laws to encourage voting

"As Governor, I will fight to ... pass laws that encourage voting."

Streamline job training

"I will collaborate with our community colleges and businesses to standardize the criteria for a work readiness certificate so that employers can easily assess a job seeker’s skill level prior to hiring."