Articles from July, 2012

Checking Romney's claim on 'you didn't build that'

For more than two weeks, the Romney and Obama campaigns have argued about whether President Barack Obama insulted entrepreneurs. The dust up involves remarks Obama made at a stop in Roanoke, Va. The key phrase: "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."   A Romney video claims the president was saying success  "is the result of government," not "hard-working people." We ran that assertion through the Truth-O-Meter.

PolitiFact Ohio marks two years of the Truth-O-Meter

Observers decrying a decline in the quality of political discourse used to cite 30-second sound bites as a symptom or cause.  Thirty seconds is practically a filibuster now.   The typical statement in broadcast news stories today is closer to nine seconds. Just enough time to recite a talking point. Just enough words to fill a 140-character Tweet.    Long enough to grab our interest, to enlighten, mislead or enrage. Enough to make PolitiFact Ohio say "Really?"   PolitiFact Ohio is celebrating two years of checking these sound bites, and looking forward to more.

Debunking claims about a new home sales tax

Did you get the chain email that claims the health care law will institute a new tax on home sales?  It boldly proclaims that the health care law includes "a 3.8% sales tax" on "all real estate transactions." The claim has persistently circulated for two years, but there's just one catch: It's not true. We ran it through the Truth-O-Meter.

Rating Romney's claim on Finnish auto stimulus

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, in an ad that's airing in Ohio called "Where did all the money go" charges that stimulus money went overseas to pay for electric cars in Finland. We took a look to see if money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as the stimulus act, helped to Fisker Automotive manufacture high-end, plug-in cars.