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Statements we say are Mostly False

Says tax revenue was lower than expected in May and "that's basically a clear indication the governor's counselors are probably right -- that we are still not out of the woods yet."

"The president came in and campaigned against me 12 times."

"Betty Sutton and her fellow Democrats went on a spending spree and now their credit card is maxed out."

"The (health reform) legislation which Washington passed last year has made it more difficult to hire" because it’s increased costs for employers.

Says there are more federal dollars in Gov. John Kasich's budget plan than in the previous state budget.

"Two million federal workers negotiate zippo, zero. There is no collective bargaining for federal employees."

"As far as standing committees, we have 10 fewer standing committees. So we’ve saved the state about a quarter-of-a-million dollars through the reduction of the standing committees."

In slashing $1.7 billion from Social Security, "Rep. Jim Renacci may end up forcing the entire agency to ... shut down for a month, causing seniors to not get their benefits on time, halting claims processing, and forcing new retirees and disabled workers into a backlog."

"President Obama came to Ohio 12 times to try to defeat me and guess what? He didn't win."

Says an EPA permit "languished" under Strickland but his new EPA director got it done in two days.

Says there are "a half a trillion dollars in cuts to Medicare that are going to go in place" as a result of health care reform.

Says the Defense Department shrink-wrapped $10.8 billion in American money, loaded it on 175 pallets and put it on a transport plane to Iraq where they passed out $100 bills and no one has any receipts.

"Toledo … is fourth in the nation behind much bigger cities — Miami, Las Vegas, Portland — in number of human trafficking arrests and rescues."

Says Sen. Sherrod Brown voted to keep "an extreme, job-killing Internal Revenue Service paperwork mandate."

Says that "93 percent of the time John Boccieri voted with Nancy Pelosi."

"Tom Ganley supports a 23 percent national sales tax that would raise taxes on the middle class while giving a huge tax break to millionaires like himself."

Says he took down the mob in Northeast Ohio

State government spending will be increase 10.7 percent this year.

DeWine "took $1.9 million from big banks," "supported legislation that helped Bernie Madoff make millions" and "protected predatory lenders while families lost their homes."

"Boccieri voted to spend a billion dollars an hour, every hour, for his first 50 days in office"  

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