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Statements we say are False

Says that under President Obama, there’s been a substantial increase in federal government jobs.  

Rob Portman shares "radical, ideological views" toward women.

"There is no record of congresswoman Betty Sutton ... ever holding a single in-person town hall meeting open to the general public."

Says Sen. Sherrod Brown "cast the deciding vote on the government takeover of health care."

Says Josh Mandel opposed federal loans to the auto industry.

Jim Renacci "voted repeatedly to end Medicare."

Says the oil industry subsidies that President Barack Obama is attacking don’t exist

Says President Barack Obama's parents were communists.

Says President Obama's decision to not issue a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline meant "we were denied the ability immediately to reduce prices at the pump."

"Medicare will be bankrupt in nine years."

"When (Marcy) Kaptur fought for the Democrats' prescription drug benefit for seniors, (Dennis) Kucinich voted no."

Says Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur "actually lives" in "a fancy condo in the Washington, D.C.  suburbs."

Says Rep. Jim Renacci was "trying to leave town for the holidays without extending your payroll tax cut."

Dem-controlled Ohio House voted "to change the process, to create objective criteria, to modify the Constitution" ... to "take politics out of the efforts to draw legislative boundaries."

Says unemployment in Ohio "is significantly higher than the unemployment rate in states which are not forced union states and it’s always been that way."

"The majority last quarter of Sherrod Brown's campaign contributions came from outside of the state of Ohio."

Says that in 2009 ExxonMobil "paid no federal income taxes, received a $156 million rebate."

Says there’s not "much evidence to suggest that people have (contributed to global warming) or can do very much to change anything."

"Credit agency says Rep. Gibbs recklessly caused downgrade, higher interest rates."

"You might be surprised to know that 137 billion gallons flows (into Lake Erie) every day. You might be surprised to know that only 86.3 billion gallons flow out. ... Leaving us a net surplus of approximately 50 billion gallons a day."

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