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Statements we say are Half-True

"We never had an earthquake in Youngstown until John Kasich was elected Governor,"

"More than a quarter of mortgage borrowers are underwater, and 11 percent of all homes are vacant."

Barack Obama’s recess appointment of Richard Cordray "is precisely what then-Sen. Obama claimed would be ‘the wrong thing to do.’"

"We are the poster child for compliance, and whenever we discover possible infractions we resolve and report it to the NCAA no matter how minor the violations."

The STAR Ohio fund "just received the highest possible credit rating one of these funds can receive."

"For each $1 billion in infrastructure investment, 42,000 jobs are created."

"During Sherrod Brown’s past decade as a D.C. politician, more than one out of every four jobs that has left America, left from Ohio. ... Sherrod Brown will own these horrendous Ohio job numbers next year."

"We buy 35 percent of all Chinese exports."

"We just can’t afford to pay 100 percent of government employee benefits."

"In the month of July alone, EU exports to South Korea increased by over 36 percent. A lot of that is our market share. Those are our farmers and our service providers who are suffering."

Sherrod Brown "has stood side by side" with President Barack Obama, presiding "over the most rapid increase in the debt over the last 2.5 years" and hurtling toward " the worst jobs record in the modern era."

"We rank below Ethiopia, I'm told, in terms of our exports per capita, well below any of the other developed countries we trade with, and well below China and (South) Korea."

"Josh Mandel used to be pro-choice, now he’s anti-choice. He used to be sympathetic towards gay and lesbians and now he’s [not]."

Says that voter identification laws "keep poor people from voting, minorities from voting, the elderly from voting, students from voting."

"Fracturing or horizontally fracturing the shale to open up larger pockets of natural gas ... has been used for over 60 years and, as of 2009, over 80,000 wells have been fracked in Ohio."

"Sherrod Brown was just voted two years in a row the most liberal senator in the United States of America" and is more liberal than Sen. Bernie Sanders.

"Only seven of 18 federal food assistance programs have been associated with positive health and nutrition outcomes, while the remaining 11 have not been effective."

"The Democrat-led Senate has failed to pass a budget for 750 days ... Senate Democrats have neglected one of their most basic responsibilities."

"We've seen 115,000 jobs created in the American auto industry since GM and Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy."

General Electric "hasn't really created any jobs in this country, doesn't  pay any taxes, and they're making historic profits."

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