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Attacks on Planned Parenthood "come at a time when the poverty rate among women is the highest in nearly two decades and 1 in 5 women under 65 don’t have access to health care."

"About 57 percent of registered Democrats in the new (9th Congressional) district come from my old district."

"The city of Columbus would save $41 million a year if employees had to contribute to their own, guaranteed-check pensions."

Says the reforms in state Issue 2 "will save taxpayer dollars"

"We have a $2 trillion to $3 trillion infrastructure deficit. We’ve got work that needs to get done. We’ve got people that want to go to work."

Says that to drive the length of the newly drawn 15th District "you’d find yourself on the road as long as it would take to drive from Columbus to Niagara Falls."

"Last year, Korea sold nearly half a million cars in our country. ... The United States, you know how much we sell to them? Six thousand. What kind of deal is that?"

"Gov. Kasich and the Republican-dominated legislature have foregone the popular option of closing tax loopholes that amount to $7 billion annually in this state."

"Issue 2 makes it illegal for us to negotiate for enough firefighters to do the job."

"H.B. 194, the Voter Suppression Bill, invalidates a vote where a voter properly marks the ballot in support of a particular candidate, but also writes in the name of that same candidate."

Every 1 percent increase in the number of Ohioans with bachelor’s degrees "means economic activity growing the next year and for each year thereafter (by) $2.5 billion dollars."

U.S. debt is "now equal to 100 percent of the GDP."

"We’re only spending 2 percent of our GDP on our infrastructure, while China and India are spending 10 percent of their GDP reinvesting back into their country."  

"#Business formation is still on the rise in Ohio! So far in 2011 we’ve assisted w/ 44,443 new business filings." 

"Social Security didn’t cause the debt crisis. Social Security had nothing to do with the debt crisis."

"We jumped 11 places since beginning this year in terms of being job-friendly."

"State agencies have not identified one single instance where groundwater has been damaged due to hydraulic fracking."  

Since President Obama took office, "2 million jobs. Gone."

"Ohio currently ranks 50th out of all states in income growth."

"For every dollar we invest in Head Start, we get $5 to $7 back into our economy."

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