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Says Mike Dovilla supports a plan "that could allow a foreign corporation to take over the Ohio Turnpike" 

"We have more hospitals that are children’s hospitals than any other state in the union." 

"Had the online change of address been in place in 2008 an estimated 130,000 voters who cast provisional ballots could have changed their address online and voted a regular ballot."

Claims Ohio Gov. John Kasich says climate change is a problem.

Says the Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force "is the first task force of its kind in Central Ohio"

"Giving the facts:  73,000 jobs created ... since '11.  Do you know how many direct jobs in the auto industry?  1,800."

Since 2009, the Ohio Republican Party has made more contacts with voters — nearly 6.6 million — than any other GOP state organization in the nation.

"99.97 percent of the kids live in poverty that attend Cleveland public schools."

"The fact is 90-percent of Down Syndrome children were aborted in this country."

Says Ohio has 77 job training programs spread across 13 state agencies.

Recent stories from Reginald Fields
Claim of foul deeds false, but a favorite from 2011

Demonstrations outside the Ohio Statehouse provided lasting images from the debate over Senate Bill 5, a proposal to restrict collective bargaining rights for organized labor.

But did they do the particularly foul act that Senate President Tom Niehaus cited?

A new meter to track a new governor's promises

New Ohio Gov. John Kasich wasn't shy about setting the bar high for himself during the campaign.

In a webcast he hosted he made it clear that success requires results.

"Let’s think of the campaign as one part of a movement. If you win the campaign and you fail to carry out what you want to do, you failed."

PolitiFact Ohio decided to take him at his word, and introduces the Kasich-O-Meter to track his performance.

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