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Some "20,000 Delphi salaried retirees lost up to 70 percent of their pensions" as a result of "political favoritism and backroom deals."

Says Obama "exempted Congress and their staff from the full effect of the (health care) law."

"Ohioans can expect to pay up to 41 percent more for their insurance premiums when Obamacare takes effect next year."

Says the State Department spent $630,000 to get 2 million Facebook "Likes."

"I was filibustered."

Says proposed anti-abortion legislation "would force women facing the most personal of health decisions to endure a transvaginal ultrasound."

Most Americans want "traditional marriage," as defined by the Defense of Marriage Act.

Says Ohio budget item later signed into law by Gov. John Kasich requires women seeking an abortion to undergo a  "mandatory vaginal probe."

"Every major religion is opposed to same-sex marriage."

"About 95 percent of (Ohio’s) electricity comes from burning coal."

Says Delaware County has more waterfront property than any other county in the state of Ohio

"If you are born poor in America, we rank ninth or tenth in our citizens’ ability to climb up through that ladder and get themselves into the middle class."

Says abortion increases the risk of breast cancer.

"Some of these members of the House of Representatives get hundreds of thousands of dollars in farm subsidies" but want to cut food stamps.

A hidden provision in Obamacare taxes sporting goods as medical devices.

"47 - New provisions ObamaCare charges the IRS with implementing, according to the Government Accountability Office."

"If Obamacare is fully implemented, 30 million people will still be without health insurance."

Says Gov. John Kasich implied that a portion of workers’ compensation rebates to employers "should be directed back to him in the form of campaign cash."

"During the Civil War, more than 300,000 Ohioans served in the Union Army -- more per capita than any other state."

Cuyahoga County "passed a program to guarantee a college savings account for every single child who enters kindergarten in this county -- the first county in the United States to do so."

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