Statements about Deficit

U.S. debt is "now equal to 100 percent of the GDP."

"Social Security didn’t cause the debt crisis. Social Security had nothing to do with the debt crisis."

Says Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel "supports allowing the United States to default on its obligations."

"Thirty-four of the last 44 (debt ceiling increases) have been for less than a year. So, this notion that short-term is somehow the exception, it's actually the rule."

Says U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown is responsible for "over $14 trillion in debt."

The average person "will pay $6,000 more a year" under Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare proposal.

Says that PolitiFact Ohio confirms that Betty Sutton "maxed out federal debt"

"Betty Sutton and her fellow Democrats went on a spending spree and now their credit card is maxed out."

The federal debt is more than $14 trillion, "almost equal to the size of our entire economy," and "every child born today inherits a $45,000 share of the national debt before they take their first breath."

The Bush tax cuts "helped to create a substantial part of the deficit."

"For every 33 pregnant women that walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic, 32 receive an abortion."

General Electric "hasn't really created any jobs in this country, doesn't  pay any taxes, and they're making historic profits."

Says none of the government programs targeted for elimination or severe cutback in House Republican spending plans "appeared on the GAO's list of government programs at high risk of waste, fraud and abuse."

Says signs posted at projects funded by the federal stimulus act has cost "20 or 40 million" dollars.

"One of the biggest causes of our soaring debt and economic insecurity ends up being Pentagon spending. The budget for the Pentagon consumes more than half of our discretionary spending."

"Our debt to GDP ratios, our deficit to GDP ratios are quickly approaching the countries we have been reading about for the last year and a half. We are not far behind Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain and all these countries we have been reading about."

"Our spending has caught up with us, and our debt soon will eclipse the entire size of our national economy."

The tax cut deal is giving "$700 billion to millionaires and billionaires."

"Understand, this is unemployment insurance. It’s not welfare, as a lot of my Republican colleagues like to suggest it is. You pay into it when you’re working. You get help when you’re not."

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