Statements about Environment

"About 95 percent of (Ohio’s) electricity comes from burning coal."

Says Delaware County has more waterfront property than any other county in the state of Ohio

Says "Detroit dumping a bunch of sewage" in Lake Erie "causes big problems" for Ohio.

Says that Sherrod Brown is an "Obama rubber stamp" for "supporting the job-killing cap and trade plan."

"There is no war on coal. Period. There are more coal jobs and more coal produced in Ohio than there were five years ago, in spite of the talking points and the yard signs."

Claims Ohio Gov. John Kasich says climate change is a problem.

Says that as Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney "condemned coal-fired plants, saying they kill people."

Claims Joe Biden said "coal is more dangerous than terrorists." 

Sherrod Brown opposed blocking a new EPA emissions rule, "despite acknowledging that the EPA's cap-and-trade regulations are ‘burdensome’ and could harm economic growth in Ohio."

Says Lake Erie contains more native fish than all the other Great Lakes combined.

"We never had an earthquake in Youngstown until John Kasich was elected Governor,"

Sen. Sherrod Brown "has chosen to side with Washington bureaucrats and fringe extremists in the attacks on our natural resources."

"The problem with invasive species today in the Great Lakes isn’t ballast water."

Says that  in the recent year homeowners across Ohio have signed mineral rights agreements "and I understand that over a billion dollars worth of leases have been signed to date."

Says there’s not "much evidence to suggest that people have (contributed to global warming) or can do very much to change anything."

"You might be surprised to know that 137 billion gallons flows (into Lake Erie) every day. You might be surprised to know that only 86.3 billion gallons flow out. ... Leaving us a net surplus of approximately 50 billion gallons a day."

"Fracturing or horizontally fracturing the shale to open up larger pockets of natural gas ... has been used for over 60 years and, as of 2009, over 80,000 wells have been fracked in Ohio."

"State agencies have not identified one single instance where groundwater has been damaged due to hydraulic fracking."  

"Lake Erie supports nearly 10 percent of Ohio's jobs and generates $750 million in state and local taxes."

Says that President Obama said in 2008 that his proposed greenhouse gas regulations "will bankrupt" anyone who wants to build a new coal-fired power plant.

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