Statements about Federal Budget

Says federal spending has increased 21 percent over the past three years.

"The American Conservative Union gives [Rep. Tim] Ryan a dismal 0.0 percent rating for the billions he has contributed to our national debt."

Says military expenditures for the United States are greater than the combined spending of the next 14 largest nations.

"President Obama's recent plan to cut $100 million of waste within his administration won't actually save money because he's going to spend it elsewhere."

"More than half of the people on food stamps today are children."

"A couple retiring today will pay about $119,000 in lifetime Medicare taxes and receive about $357,000 in lifetime Medicare benefits. ... about 3 bucks in benefits for every dollar in taxes."

U.S. debt is "now equal to 100 percent of the GDP."

"Credit agency says Rep. Gibbs recklessly caused downgrade, higher interest rates."

"President Obama and Democrats' spending addiction has driven our national debt to historic proportions, maxed out our national credit card and has now led to the Democrat Downgrade of our country's AAA credit rating."

Says Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel "supports allowing the United States to default on its obligations."

"Thirty-four of the last 44 (debt ceiling increases) have been for less than a year. So, this notion that short-term is somehow the exception, it's actually the rule."

Says U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown is responsible for "over $14 trillion in debt."

"Creeping defense commitments in (the Middle East) and globally now consume over half the U.S. discretionary budget annually."

"Only seven of 18 federal food assistance programs have been associated with positive health and nutrition outcomes, while the remaining 11 have not been effective."

"For every dollar we invest in Head Start, we get $5 to $7 back into our economy."

"The Democrat-led Senate has failed to pass a budget for 750 days ... Senate Democrats have neglected one of their most basic responsibilities."

The average person "will pay $6,000 more a year" under Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare proposal.

Says that PolitiFact Ohio confirms that Betty Sutton "maxed out federal debt"

"Betty Sutton and her fellow Democrats went on a spending spree and now their credit card is maxed out."

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