Statements about Government Efficiency

Says none of the government programs targeted for elimination or severe cutback in House Republican spending plans "appeared on the GAO's list of government programs at high risk of waste, fraud and abuse."

"Due to a flaw in the 1995 Outer Continental Shelf Deep Water Royalty Relief Act numerous oil companies are now drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in federal lands and paying no royalties to the federal government."

Ohio Director of Job Creation "Mark Kvamme just clawed back about $900,000 from companies that made promises and they didn't keep them."

"If you look at the jobs lost in the private sector as opposed to the job gains in the public sector, it's out of whack. The government's growing and the private economy's shrinking."

"FACT: the ‘special assistant’ in @johnkasich's office makes over three times more than an average #OH firefighter"

Says there are Ohio Turnpike workers getting paid $66,000 a year to collect tolls that machines might collect.

"There is nothing in the current state public records law that prohibits sensitive or confidential business information from being just that, confidential."

Says an EPA permit "languished" under Strickland but his new EPA director got it done in two days.

Says the Defense Department shrink-wrapped $10.8 billion in American money, loaded it on 175 pallets and put it on a transport plane to Iraq where they passed out $100 bills and no one has any receipts.

"Ohio ranks 46th in the country in putting dollars in the classroom."

"We (Democrats) have made steady progress creating jobs and improving our schools."

Says the House Rules Committee is the only panel, other than the Intelligence and Ethics committees, not able to telecast proceedings in its main hearing room.

"It’s gotten to a point where the average federal worker makes twice as much as the average private sector worker."

"We haven’t had control of the House for the last two years and it’s been malfunctioning. We had 109 sessions scheduled and held 49."

"Ted Strickland destroyed Ohio jobs when he busted the budget."

"Under Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, Ohio is 44th in the country in terms of getting money actually into worker retraining."

State government spending will be increase 10.7 percent this year.

"The total number of dollars that passes through the Department of Development is like $900 million and like $650 (million) of it has nothing to do with development, which is breathtaking when you think about it."

"It's factually correct to say" that Jennifer Brunner inherited at least 18 lawsuits when she came into the office that were a result of Ken Blackwell’s "mismanagement of the 2004 election."

"Boccieri voted to spend a billion dollars an hour, every hour, for his first 50 days in office"  

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