Statements about Job Accomplishments

"We are now eighth in the nation in job creation . . . we are No. 1 in the Midwest."  

The STAR Ohio fund "just received the highest possible credit rating one of these funds can receive."

"During Sherrod Brown’s past decade as a D.C. politician, more than one out of every four jobs that has left America, left from Ohio. ... Sherrod Brown will own these horrendous Ohio job numbers next year."

"We’re. . . keeping and creating jobs in our state. From American Greetings, to Wendy’s, to Diebold, we’ve gone to their doorsteps to keep jobs right here in Ohio."

"Sherrod Brown was just voted two years in a row the most liberal senator in the United States of America" and is more liberal than Sen. Bernie Sanders.

"The president came in and campaigned against me 12 times."

"We are one of only two states to have eight consecutive months of declining unemployment. Twenty-one states had increased unemployment last month. Ours went down."

"We (Democrats) have made steady progress creating jobs and improving our schools."

"(John) Kasich was the architect who balanced the budget, cut spending, created a surplus, igniting record job creation."

"Decorated Marine, two-tour Iraq war vet."

"Unfortunately everyone needs to cut back in these tough economic times. That's why I voted to cut my own pay along with the pay of our state employees."

"If you want to see the jobs that I've saved and created in this storm he helped create, go anywhere in Ohio."

Says he's so bipartisan that "12 of my bills were signed into law by Democratic President Bill Clinton."

Says Tom Ganley has been "sued over 400 times, for fraud, discrimination and more," and "a judge called Tom Ganley's business practices "deceptive and unconscionable."

"Boyce gave (a lobbyist’s) wife a sensitive job in the treasurer’s office, a job Boyce admitted he only made available at their mosque."

"O’Shaughnessy even voted for her own personal stimulus package -- a taxpayer-funded pay raise for herself."

State government spending will be increase 10.7 percent this year.

"Under Lee Fisher Ohio has lost nearly 400,000 jobs."

DeWine "took $1.9 million from big banks," "supported legislation that helped Bernie Madoff make millions" and "protected predatory lenders while families lost their homes."

"Our most important work has been creating and retaining almost 55,000 Ohio jobs."

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