Statements about Message Machine 2010

Since President Obama took office, "2 million jobs. Gone."

"Hitler didn't want unions. Stalin didn't want unions. Mubarak didn't want independent unions. These autocrats in history don't want independent unions."

"(John) Kasich was the architect who balanced the budget, cut spending, created a surplus, igniting record job creation."

"Decorated Marine, two-tour Iraq war vet."

"Congressman Kasich wants to use our tax dollars to give secret bonuses to his corporate friends."

"Matt Patten kicked off his dirty campaign with thousands in dirty cash from guess who? (Frank) Russo and (Jimmy) Dimora."

Tom Ganley has "two F's from the Better Business Bureau" and "over 160 complaints in just three years."

"Ted Strickland destroyed Ohio jobs when he busted the budget."

Says Tom Ganley has been "sued over 400 times, for fraud, discrimination and more," and "a judge called Tom Ganley's business practices "deceptive and unconscionable."

"Boyce gave (a lobbyist’s) wife a sensitive job in the treasurer’s office, a job Boyce admitted he only made available at their mosque."

Since the stimulus package was passed, "Ohio’s lost over 100,000 more jobs."

Says that "93 percent of the time John Boccieri voted with Nancy Pelosi."

Says Lee Fisher "wanted a $1.1 billion tax increase which could have driven countless jobs out of state."

"An organized crime syndicate was extorting money from his (Tom Ganley’s) business, threatening his family, but he fought back and won the FBI's highest civilian award"

"Pepper ... kicked off a jock tax, imposing a levy on the sports and entertainment industry."

"Under Lee Fisher Ohio has lost nearly 400,000 jobs."

"Kasich’s trade deals cost Ohio thousands of jobs - 49,000 jobs to Mexico, 91,000 to China."

"You can’t raise taxes in Ohio. We are one of the highest taxed states in the country."

"When Pepper’s tax was finally voted down, Pepper laid off cops and closed jails and let criminals run free in the streets."

"Jim Renacci cheated on his income taxes" and is a "deadbeat citizen."

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