Statements about State Budget

"The substitute budget now adds in tax breaks and tax deductions for those who buy these prisons."  

When "the governor announced his ‘jobs budget,’ 99 folks from the Department of Taxation were let go the next day."

"Two million federal workers negotiate zippo, zero. There is no collective bargaining for federal employees."

"State employees are actually going to get a pay raise."

"As far as standing committees, we have 10 fewer standing committees. So we’ve saved the state about a quarter-of-a-million dollars through the reduction of the standing committees."

"In this bill that I’ve just signed, we don’t cut anybody’s salary. We don’t take away their pension. And we don’t destroy their health care."

There was "some sort of informal commitment to build a (psychiatric) building in downtown Cleveland."

"Many states without collective bargaining, such as Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina, have far larger budget deficits than many that do, including Ohio."

Ohio Director of Job Creation "Mark Kvamme just clawed back about $900,000 from companies that made promises and they didn't keep them."

"Our average private sector employee pays 23 percent for their health care. Our average city worker in Ohio pays 9 percent."

"Unfortunately we have documented instances where people defecated in the (Statehouse) building."

"FACT: the ‘special assistant’ in @johnkasich's office makes over three times more than an average #OH firefighter"

Says there are Ohio Turnpike workers getting paid $66,000 a year to collect tolls that machines might collect.

Says getting ex-cons to successfully return to society is important "so we are not always faced constantly with recidivism, which is a big problem in the penitentiary today – in the 70 to 80 percent range."

"Ben Franklin once quipped that only two things in life were certain: death and taxes. I think even he didn't envision that the tax man would visit on the day of your death."

On whether the state should privatize the Ohio Turnpike.

Ohio taxpayers spent more than $67 million "for the year" on food stamps and Medicaid for Wal-Mart workers

"I think [a little] less than half of the people in our prisons are in there for less than a year.  ... We have people who are check kiters and don't pay child support and we are locking them up in the state pen."

"The (Ohio) economy is on the mend. … It is in better shape than it was when we took office."

"Congressman Kasich wants to use our tax dollars to give secret bonuses to his corporate friends."

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