Statements about Voting Record

Says Jim Renacci has "consistently voted" for loopholes that "encourage outsourcing of our jobs."

Says that Sherrod Brown is an "Obama rubber stamp" for "supporting the job-killing cap and trade plan."

Sherrod Brown "voted six times to raise his own pay."

"We need a Senator who shows up to work. Sherrod Brown missed over 350 official votes."

Says Republicans supported legislation on early voting and in-person voting in 2005.

Sherrod Brown "gave huge bonuses to executives."

Rob Portman shares "radical, ideological views" toward women.

"Marcy Kaptur voted against a ban which would have prevented the aborting of a baby girl for the sole reason that she's a girl."

Says Sen. Sherrod Brown "cast the deciding vote on the government takeover of health care."

Betty Sutton "gutted Medicare by $500 billion" with her vote for the president's health care bill.

"When (Marcy) Kaptur fought for the Democrats' prescription drug benefit for seniors, (Dennis) Kucinich voted no."

Says when she "helped get $15 billion more for veterans care, Kucinich voted No."

Sherrod Brown "has voted with Barack Obama 95 percent of the time."

Says Rep. Jim Renacci was "trying to leave town for the holidays without extending your payroll tax cut."

Says that Sherrod Brown "voted to cut Medicare by over $500 billion in order to fund government-run health care."

Says that Republicans "bragged about how every bill was going to be paid for, right from the beginning" and that the first vote, the repeal of health care reform, violated that rule.

Says Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is hypocritical for challenging the constitutionality of the new health care law.

Says Sen. Sherrod Brown voted to keep "an extreme, job-killing Internal Revenue Service paperwork mandate."

"Unfortunately everyone needs to cut back in these tough economic times. That's why I voted to cut my own pay along with the pay of our state employees."

Says that "93 percent of the time John Boccieri voted with Nancy Pelosi."

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