Oregon's May 20 primary is almost here -- last call for claims!

Oregon's vote-by-mail ballots will be in your hands any day now, but there's still time to send suspicious claims to PolitiFact Oregon for checking.

Oregon’s May 20 primary election is almost at hand and the claims that PolitiFact Oregon loves to fact-check are flying fast and thick.

We’re getting some great suggestions from readers on topics touching on hot-button issues such as abortion, taxes and immigration.

But we know there’s more out there and we’re asking for your help finding it.

Did someone hand you a flier recently in which a politician promised to end everything from rain in the winter to the flu bug?

Or maybe it was a television spot where a candidate vowed to end crime, patch every pothole and put a chicken in every pot – all in the first week in office.

We live for those sorts of claims, where a thorough and transparent check reveals every hole and flaw.

But we are looking for claims that can be verified as truthful, as well.

Is someone running radio ads saying they helped save your city money? Built new recreational facilities for kids? Voted five times in favor of cleaner air?

If so, lob those our way. We know just what to do with them. You can contact PolitiFact Oregon reporter Dana Tims at dtims@oregonian.com.