Statements from Portland

"60 percent of the jobs lost in the 2008 recession were living-wage jobs. Of the jobs we’ve gotten back, only 40 percent are living-wage."

"Oregon leads the nation in number of jobs per capita in manufacturing."

Says taxpayer subsidy for the Oregon Convention Center hotel jumped $100 million in closed-door sessions

Says administrator salaries were increased, "but other school employees were left behind."  

Says "we are going to sell this house and use the proceeds to stabilize rates."

"The city of Portland has won more national Constitution contests than any city in America."

Says the reasoning behind Portland's high water and sewer rates is "all kinds of ’pet projects’ unrelated to the core function of the water and sewer bureaus"

Portland Bureau of Transportation "barely break(s) even" ticketing motorists.

Says proposed teacher contract "would layer on more restrictive rules."

Says "Did you know that if you accepted the District's proposal today you would have NO pay increase for 4 years? Seven years of frozen wages = Disrespect."

Says, "I-205, six miles of which runs through my district, already carries more traffic than I-5."

Says "Studies show the average age of entry into prostitution is 12 to 14 years old."

Says "MAX carries 30 percent of evening rush-hour commuters traveling from Downtown on the Sunset and Banfield freeways."

Says if you are on your bike in a crosswalk, all you have to do is dip your wheel into the road and cars must legally stop.

Says "last year the graduation rate for our combined six-district footprint jumped 5.5 percent."

Says, "In the last four years we’ve cut $36 million in ongoing revenue."

Says the initial Portland plastic bag ban represented "only a modest share of total single-use checkout bag use."

Says an arts tax would provide "funding for certified arts and music teachers for every elementary school serving Portland residents."

Says "as Co-Chair of the Joint Ways & Means Committee, I secured the key piece of funding for" the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail project bridge."

Says she "oversaw an audit that won the city $2 million in franchise fees."

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