Promises about Environment on Kitz-O-Meter

Block oil drilling off Oregon coast

Will not "let people drill for oil off the Oregon coast."

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Develop plan for energy and climate change

"We need a strategic climate and energy road map that lays out the practical steps to meet and implement that goal, and benchmarks against which to systematically and frequently measure our progress. During the course of my campaign, I will lay the groundwork for a strategic plan that integrates the state emission reduction goal, the Renewable Energy Standard, aggressive conservation and energy efficiency strategies, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the Renewable Fuel Standard into a comprehensive state Energy and Climate Strategic Plan."

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Integrate state policies related to climate change

"I will also create the authority to integrate all state policies and programs, such as transportation, energy, agriculture, land use planning and others, that have relevance to climate change and energy issues."

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Establish national laboratory in Oregon

"I will pursue, along with our congressional delegation, the establishment of a National Laboratory in Oregon."

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Simplify habitat restoration permit process

Will "simplify the existing complex and duplicative permit process for habitat restoration in a watershed by engaging all relevant parties in local decision-making."

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Include carbon accounting in urban and suburban planning process

Will "include carbon accounting as a part of the urban and suburban planning process, thus driving the transformation to higher densities and a focus on transit systems."

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Create water measurement program

Will "institute an aggressive water measurement program and water user education program geared toward 'water rights and responsibilities.'"

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