Statements we say are Mostly False

Says "Schaufler was the only Democrat who voted to stop" the state’s health care reform plan.

Says "I never billed a single hour of my time to the City of Portland in the last 10 years -- so, no revolving door."

Says "my advocacy questioning contracting out in Parks … delayed and altered the renewal of the Brooks contract, and reduced the number of contracted employees in Parks from over 100 to fewer than 40."

Says Dwight Holton has never set foot in an Oregon courtroom.

Says the treasurer’s office has "saved $37 million in management costs for the oversight of public investments."

"Every time the weight of that vehicle is reduced by a hundred pounds, your chances of dying are going to go up by about 5 percent. Peel three hundred pounds off – you’re 15 percent more likely to die in that car."

Says only seven percent of 2009’s stimulus bill went toward transportation projects, yet they created over one-third of the bill’s total jobs.

Says "we got a chance to pass what I think is Oregon's first human trafficking bill which has increased by 66 percent the calls to the human trafficking hotline."

Rob Cornilles has disputed for two years a news story that said he said he would cut Social Security and Medicare programs before trimming the U.S. defense budget.

Oregon has the sixth highest combined death tax rate in the country.

Obama creates new tax on Christmas trees, fees get passed on to consumers.

Says there's $4 billion in private investment along the streetcar. 

Says "There are now Occupy Wall Street camps in hundreds of cities across the United States."

Says credit rating agencies realize that our instability stems in large part from Oregon’s kicker system.

Says "Every time the Legislature 'suspended' the kicker, most recently the corporate kicker in 2007, Salem spent every penny and failed to stabilize the state's revenues."

Says this House processed and approved as many bills as previous Legislatures.

If the Sellwood Bridge is not replaced, it will have to be shut down within eight years.

Increasing the bottle deposit to 10 cents on a case of water bottles could literally double the price of that product in the store.

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