Statements we say are False

"We have 395 inmates pushed into triple-bunked cells intended for two inmates and bunked in classrooms and areas supposed to be designated for inmate labor."

Rob Cornilles has been endorsed by 20 local mayors, including Independent, Democratic and Republican. 

"I also voted 98 percent of the time with Republicans in the Oregon Legislature."

I differed with my party on business legislation, on consumer protection, and on free trade agreements.

Says Suzanne Bonamici "supports the $500 billion cut to Medicare passed last year."

Says "the City of Portland alone has 84 public relation representatives on payroll which cost taxpayers over $6.2 million (a year)."

Says Measure 3-386 will cost a fortune for elections while Measure 3-388 will cost less.

Says "Many people I’ve talked to are angry that because of City Hall inaction we may have to spend a needless $500 million to cover and treat our pure drinking water."

Says "We do about 300 investigations a year into housing discrimination and in recent years have put about $150,000 of damages into the pockets of individuals who have been treated unfairly."

Says that three of these five Republicans -- Ben Westlund, Rob Patridge, Max Williams, Lane Shetterly, Lynn Lundquist -- later became Democrats.

Says Oregon state employees received a "catch-up" pay raise in 1981 -- just two years after they agreed not to take a raise in exchange for a retirement benefit.

"As the Democrats finally maxed out their government spending credit card Monday, Kurt Schrader continued to stand with his party leaders in failing to offer any viable long-term solution."

The city’s 30 percent set aside for affordable housing in urban renewal areas is calculated citywide -- not district by district

The study that states that more than 70 percent of the traffic on the Sellwood Bridge is to/from Clackamas County has been thoroughly debunked by The Oregonian. 

"A $250 fine if you're caught with a plastic bag coming out of a store. Plastic bag police anyone?"

(Dennis) Richardson wants to make drastic cuts to services we depend on: schools, home care for seniors, even public safety -- all so Richardson can keep more than $440 million in unspent funds for his political priorities."

"For every one ESD superintendent position, we can pay for three speech pathologists, or three special needs instructors, or three classroom teachers."

"Oregon is the only state out of the 50 states in the USA that continues to pay 100% of the medical benefits for its employees and their families."

A 5-cent charge on paper bags is a tax.

Portland spent nearly $1 million in federal stimulus money to install bike path signs where they already existed.

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