The Zheng file:
Yuxing Zheng

Staff writer

Yuxing Zheng is a state government and politics reporter at The Oregonian.


The latest Truth-O-Meter items from Yuxing Zheng

"7 out of 10 Oregon families living in poverty have at least one parent who works."

Says "in Oregon today, the average debt upon college graduation is more than $24,000."

Says "Every legislative district in the state has at least one craft brewery and countless home brewers."

Says we will pay the new chancellor "a basic salary of nearly $300,000 a year ... an amount that does not include the costs of this public employee’s benefits, perks and living expenses for a lavish house, an upscale car, a spending allowance, and fine dining almost every day on the taxpayer dollar."

Says "Abortion clinics in Oregon, as in most states, have no state oversight and are not held to basic health or safety standards."

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