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"The city of Portland has won more national Constitution contests than any city in America."

Half of Oregon university students are on Pell Grants.

Says "your Legislative Assembly was within one vote of enacting each of those bills into Oregon law."

Says "nearly half of Oregon's children are poor."

Says "in Oregon today, the average debt upon college graduation is more than $24,000."

Says "nearly 29,000 Oregonians — almost 5 percent of all homeowners — are 90 days or more delinquent on their mortgage."

Says Oregon’s political tax credit is something "every state should have and no other state does."

Says HJM 20 "was the only bill not assigned to a House committee."

Says the reasoning behind Portland's high water and sewer rates is "all kinds of ’pet projects’ unrelated to the core function of the water and sewer bureaus"

Portland Bureau of Transportation "barely break(s) even" ticketing motorists.

Says that in Curry County, "if you make a 911 call you’re likely to wait for an hour for a response."

Says "the mandate is 71 times that a child’s body will be injected with a disease" for immunizations.

Says proposed teacher contract "would layer on more restrictive rules."

Says TriMet spends "$10.3 million in police contracts" a year for 56 transit police who must respond to non-transit calls

Says a group "estimates that the annual cost to Oregon taxpayers for government services to illegal aliens, after any income tax revenue from them, is $1 billion."

Says "Having organizations parading as being social welfare organizations and then being involved in the political combat harkens back to why the statute a hundred years ago said that they were prohibited."

Says "At age 76 when you most need it, you are not eligible for cancer treatment" under Affordable Care Act.

Says  "With nearly 75 percent of Americans supportive of the construction of the pipeline, Schrader needs to explain to Oregon families why he voted against this needed project."  

Says, "Oregon has the third largest class size in the nation."

Says "we allow more people into America legally than all other countries on the planet combined."

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