Statements about Government Efficiency

Says in the last five years "Senate Republicans have placed a filibuster on every piece of legislation and every nominee."

Says every day of a special session costs taxpayers $40,000.

Says HJM 20 "was the only bill not assigned to a House committee."

Says the reasoning behind Portland's high water and sewer rates is "all kinds of ’pet projects’ unrelated to the core function of the water and sewer bureaus"

Says she does the jobs of state auditor, secretary of state and lieutenant governor "for less than the price of one of them" in Washington state.

Says the city of Portland has one manager for every six "front-line" workers.

Says the treasurer’s office has "saved $37 million in management costs for the oversight of public investments."

Says "for the duration of this recession not a single person in government middle management has lost (a) job or taken a pay cut."

Says "the City of Portland alone has 84 public relation representatives on payroll which cost taxpayers over $6.2 million (a year)."

Says for every dollar the state spent on audits last year, it delivered $64 in cost savings.

Says this House processed and approved as many bills as previous Legislatures.

"As the Democrats finally maxed out their government spending credit card Monday, Kurt Schrader continued to stand with his party leaders in failing to offer any viable long-term solution."

Says city of Portland has a one-time $22 million surplus

TriMet is "spending 4.2 million in fed funds to save $168K per year."

Portland spent nearly $1 million in federal stimulus money to install bike path signs where they already existed.

Portland Public Schools invites "well-paid, well-fed school bureaucrats, administrators, teachers, other staff, non-needy students, affluent parents of students, and other adults, including on the other extreme the adult homeless, illegal aliens, fanatical Muslim terrorists, or drug addicted street people, to enjoy cheap breakfasts in taxpayer-paid school facilities amidst school children."

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