Statements about State Budget

Says "for the duration of this recession not a single person in government middle management has lost (a) job or taken a pay cut."

"While 9,000 state employees were added to the state’s payroll, Oregon’s revenue forecasts dropped by more than $4 billion."

Says her accomplishments include "a fiscally responsible budget agreement that controls state spending."

"We have 395 inmates pushed into triple-bunked cells intended for two inmates and bunked in classrooms and areas supposed to be designated for inmate labor."

Other states have considered or have sunset advisory commissions; the federal government has the ability, too.

In the 2011 legislative session, DEQ's budget was cut 18.5 percent — a disproportionate cut compared to other natural resource agencies.

Oregon has the sixth highest combined death tax rate in the country.

Says credit rating agencies realize that our instability stems in large part from Oregon’s kicker system.

Says "Every time the Legislature 'suspended' the kicker, most recently the corporate kicker in 2007, Salem spent every penny and failed to stabilize the state's revenues."

(Dennis) Richardson wants to make drastic cuts to services we depend on: schools, home care for seniors, even public safety -- all so Richardson can keep more than $440 million in unspent funds for his political priorities."

"For every one ESD superintendent position, we can pay for three speech pathologists, or three special needs instructors, or three classroom teachers."

"Oregon is the only state out of the 50 states in the USA that continues to pay 100% of the medical benefits for its employees and their families."

Says Oregon is "near the top or at the top of the list" when it comes to capital gains tax

Says John Kitzhaber’s proposed budget for upcoming biennium represents 8 percent increase over last

"Governor’s proposed budget raids K-12 school funds to grow DHS again."

Says "every school will be negatively impacted" if Education Stability Fund is not tapped.

Says his state budget will "provide an increase in state funding for the 2011-12 school year."

Oregon’s budget has grown by 49 percent in just four years.

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