Statements about Taxes

Says, "Carl proposed a 'windfall' tax on real estate development when he was a Metro Councilor."

Says an arts tax would provide "funding for certified arts and music teachers for every elementary school serving Portland residents."

"Newgard owed more than $13,000 for unpaid taxes on his $1 million Milwaukie apartment complex."

Says "tax revenues are the lowest they have been since World War II."

Says "One of the state’s largest governments made charging this tax one of their top priorities just this year."

The reason 29 states no longer have a death tax "is that the tax damaged their economic competitiveness."

On suspending system development charges for two years.

Says "while state leaders have cut funding for our schools and other basic priorities, the amount of money the state is projected to give away through tax breaks increased by a whopping $3.4 billion."

Says Clackamas County Measure 3-401 "will hurt our county, cripple economic growth, and increase our taxes with excessive special elections." 

"We’re spending $12,000 bucks a kid a year in the school system."

Says "at the state level we're spending more on tax expenditures than we are on public safety, health care and education combined."

PolitiFact Oregon gave Rob Cornilles a Pants on Fire for a claim about taxes and fees.

"She’s voted for 60 tax increases, hurting the middle class and small businesses."

Says constitutional amendment would "help to stop unfair, double taxation on real estate."

Say "in November 2010, voters overwhelmingly supported the idea of creating a (library) district."

Oregon has the sixth highest combined death tax rate in the country.

Twenty percent of housing in Portland’s Pearl District is ‘affordable.’

Says "51 percent of federal tax filers paid zero federal income tax."

Obama creates new tax on Christmas trees, fees get passed on to consumers.

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