Statements about Taxes

Says "Every time the Legislature 'suspended' the kicker, most recently the corporate kicker in 2007, Salem spent every penny and failed to stabilize the state's revenues."

Says allowing the payroll tax holiday to expire would end up "costing another estimated 900,000 jobs in 2012."

Says Oregon is "near the top or at the top of the list" when it comes to capital gains tax

A 5-cent charge on paper bags is a tax.

Americans spend 6.1 billion hours a year complying with tax law. It costs us $163 billion to comply with our tax laws annually.

Says "there is a plan formulated by Chair (Lynn) Peterson and the cities in Clackamas County to further increase this fee in three years and split it up on projects between the county and cities."

Says Nick Kahl made it harder for many families to cover basic health care expenses.

Says "Richard Devlin raised your taxes by $1 billion in a single day."

Says John Kitzhaber wants a sales tax so people without jobs pay taxes.

Says Kurt Schrader "cast the deciding vote that failed to extend tax cuts for Oregon’s middle-class families and small businesses."

On implementing a sales tax.

Says "Rep. Jim Weidner proposed a bill taking away health care for 80,000 of Oregon's children."

Says Sal Esquivel wants a 5 percent state sales tax on groceries.

Says Will Rasmussen supported a sales tax as recently as last spring.

Peter DeFazio "will sneak in a 1 percent tax on all banking transactions."

Says Julie Parrish wants to add a sales tax to everything we need to buy including food, clothing, medicine and school supplies.

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