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Democrat from Texas

Andy Brown, initially elected chairman of the Travis County Democrats in 2008, was previously executive director of the 21st Century Democrats in Texas.

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"Travis County now has the highest urban county tax rate in Texas."

Says nobody in higher education believes Gov. Rick Perry’s proposal to "serve up $10,000 college degrees" is possible.

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Rick Perry’s count of $10,000 college degrees:

Rick Perry touted 13 Texas institutions offering $10,000 college degrees. We wondered.

Austin's Lee Leffingwell survives debut at PolitiFact:

Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell survived his debut on the Texas Truth-O-Meter last week while statements from three legislators, a Democratic activist and a New York Times columnist also rocked the needle.

Read on. It's the debut of the PolitiFact Texas Flashback.

Sweeping statements oft fuel fact checks:

As fact-checkers, we sit up especially straight when someone connected to Texas politics makes a flat-out claim. Absolutes seem to holler for review.

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