All statements involving Bill Richardson

Among Hispanics, support for immigration reform is close to universal.

As secretary of the Department of Energy under former President Bill Clinton, "I created reserves of home heating oil."

"Sixty-five percent of the Iraqi people now say it's okay to shoot an American soldier."

The form students fill out to get college financial aid is "longer than the form to get U.S. citizenship."

"Congress' approval rating is 11 percent. You know who's higher? Dick Cheney and HMOs."

"Three out of the 18 benchmarks of the (GAO) have been fulfilled. Even among Republican math, that is a failing grade."

"I've got the most international experience here."

"Going to public financing really disadvantages Democrats because you're not able to raise funds between the day you win the primaries and the time you're officially nominated."

"Fences have not worked. The Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall. That's not good among peoples, especially friends like the United States and Mexico."

"Today New Mexico (has) the sixth-fastest growing economy."

"Bill Richardson is the only major Democratic candidate with a plan to withdraw all American troops from Iraq. All of the other major Democratic candidates support leaving American troops in Iraq indefinitely."

"Iowa, for good reason, for constitutional reasons, for reasons related to the Lord, should be the first caucus and primary."

"Congress only funded half the wall" between Mexico and the United States.

"Bill Richardson passed the first law in the nation giving National Guard soldiers $400,000 in life insurance."

"I used tax cuts to help create over 80,000 jobs in New Mexico."

New Mexico moved "up to" sixth in the nation in job growth.

"New Mexico was 46th in teacher pay (when he was elected), now we're 29th."

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