All statements involving Bill White

Says that under Gov. Rick Perry, Texas Department of Public Safety troopers have had "standing orders" not to inquire into the immigration status of people unless they're under arrest.

"Of those 850,000 (new Texas) jobs, most were public-sector jobs and minimum-wage jobs."

"Rick Perry has become a millionaire on the public payroll."

Says Rick Perry told students he couldn't attend a gubernatorial forum due to scheduling conflicts, then on forum day "tweeted that he'd just been running with his dog."

"Houston suffered $1.7 billion in operating losses under Mayor Bill White."

Texas has "a higher unemployment rate than neighboring states."

After Hurricane Katrina, "Dallas and San Antonio took in 5,000 to 10,000 refugees each, but (Bill) White brought in 250,000 and put them up in his 'buddies' empty apartment buildings and let the federal government pay their rents for over two years. They did not return to New Orleans, most of them are on welfare."

Says Rick Perry is a 25-year incumbent.

Says most of Perry's chiefs of staff have been lobbyists.

Says Bill White is refusing to debate.

Says Rick Perry's proposal on driver licenses and high school dropouts has been state law since 1989.

"The state budget has gone up over 80 percent under Rick Perry."

Says Bill White "profiteered in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita."

"Rick Perry accepted more stimulus funds than any other governor except the governors of California and New York."

“In Rick Perry’s Texas, we import nurses ... from other countries.”

Says Gov. Rick Perry is “by far and away the highest-paid state employee on an hourly basis.”

"In Rick Perry's Texas, the governor threatens to leave, to secede from the greatest country in the" world.

Gov. Rick Perry broke his promise that he would not accept a $40,000 pay increase.

"Bill White has a long history of trying to limit or even disenfranchise military voters."

"My opponent in November of 2008 sent a missive to the White House, to President Obama-elect, and said, 'Here's how you need to sell cap-and-trade to the American people.' "

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