All statements involving Bill White

"Rick Perry attempted to fast-track unnecessary coal-fired power plants, which degrade air quality and would cost billions. Fortunately, a court stopped him."

“In three days last week, (Gov. Rick) Perry flew to five cities at taxpayers’ expense, holding press conferences, delivering $2,325,000 in checks.”

"The city of Houston now has more debt per capita than California."

Says he cut 'tax rates five times'

Says Gov. Rick Perry has never held a private-sector job.

"By the end of Governor Rick Perry's term, he will have drained Texas taxpayers ... of more than $360,000 to pay for the rental mansion he has been living in while the historic Governor's Mansion is repaired."

Says Republican state leaders are using "Soviet-style" budget management.

“This week liberal Bill White faced an ethics complaint about more than $83,000 he failed to report to the state Ethics Commission.”

"Last week the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), led by Rick Perry's appointee, voted to remove Thomas Jefferson from social studies textbook standards. That's right. Thomas Jefferson... was deleted from a list of historical figures who inspired political change."

"Bill White ... supports the ‘ObamaCare’ socialized medicine plan, as well as ‘Cap and Trade’ legislation that would kill thousands of Texas jobs."

“Bill White ...offered sanctuary to illegal immigrants.”

"There's almost 1 million Texans who are unemployed and that's an all-time record number in our state."

"Debt has almost doubled in Austin under Gov. Perry."

"My opponent... lost 43,000 jobs in Houston since he took over; we are losing jobs."

"As Houston's mayor, I helped our area lead the nation in job growth."

"Our (Texas) graduation rate ranks 43rd out of 50 states."

Bill White "is discriminating. He's taking jobs from African Americans and giving them to his friends."

"Bill White has presided over the construction of what may be the world's largest abortion clinic."

During his tenure as mayor, he "saw Houston’s crime rates drop to the lowest levels in more than 25 years."

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