Chet Edwards's file:

Democrat from Texas

Chet Edwards is a former state senator from Waco who was initially elected to the U.S. House in 1990. He was among individuals described in press accounts as under consideration by then-U.S. Sen. Barack Obama to be the 2008 Democratic nominee for vice president. He lost the 2010 general election to Republican Bill Flores.

Recent statements involving Chet Edwards

"When Washington liberals wanted to take away our guns, Chet said no."

PolitiFact Texas says "Congressman Edwards' attacks on Bill Flores are false."

Says opponent Bill Flores helped run a company that laid off over 3,000 workers and paid off executives with millions.

Republican challenger Bill Flores "has never once voted in a general election in our district."

Recent stories featuring Chet Edwards

He's not from here:

Every once in a while, a candidate says an opponent doesn’t vote or even live in the district they both seek to represent. In Texas, at least, it’s a cinch to check on someone’s voting history, though where someone lives can prove dodgier to determine...

Shacking up: Social Security & Ponzi schemes:

In the past few months, PolitiFact has explored claims likening Social Security to a Ponzi scheme. Strong reader interest in our look at the topic — 100-plus comments on the PolitiFact Facebook page — reminds us that Social Security draws heat.

Mailbag: "You are clearly out of your league.":

After months of sifting through campaign mailers and press releases, it's time to pay attention to some other letters we've received...

Reader hits were topped by a faulty shot at Rick Perry:

The No. 1 article on our website of late? A flawed shot at Gov. Rick Perry, who sailed to re-election Tuesday. But this fall's PolitiFact Texas Top 15 reflects statements by and about other political figures too...

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