Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

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Chris Christie focus of weekend Truth-O-Meter rulings

Sen. Barbara Buono claims the governor has demanded tax cuts the state can't afford; Christie touts his leadership in endorsing Mitt Romney

Fact-checking Gov. Chris Christie on health care

PolitiFact New Jersey digs into two claims about the nation's health care system that Gov. Chris Christie made during his keynote speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

Truth-O-Meter keeps rolling

The speeches keep coming and our Truth-O-Meter keeps rolling. The Republican National Convention in Tampa scheduled hours of back-to-back speeches pounding President Barack Obama on what they say is his inability to bring about change we can believe in. Who can get the job done? We’ll let you guess the GOP’s answer. And here’s a hint: The theme of Wednesday's session was "We Can Change It." GOP luminaries focused on fiscal responsibility and the economy, which was good news for PolitiFact. Those are two of our favorite subjects. And speaking of the economy, we added a fact-check of a top Obama campaign official who made a claim about Mitt Romney’s position on a popular tax policy. Read these summaries of our latest checks below. Want to comment? Go to our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/politifact.georgia) or find us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/politifactga). And check our Facebook page throughout the day. We update it with new convention fact checks morning and night.

Fact-checking Chris Christie's keynote speech

PolitiFact tested three claims made by Gov. Chris Christie during his keynote address at the Republican National Convention

Celebrating business and hard work on opening night in Tampa

On the first night of the Republican National Convention, GOP speakers proclaim the value of hard work and criticize the country's direction under President Barack Obama.

In Tampa, Ted Cruz joins in as claims are launched

The Republican National Convention launched into full swing Tuesday. To start off, PolitiFact fact-checked some claims by and about former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida. We edged in with a check of Ted Cruz's comparison of national debt to the Gross Domestic Product.

Chris Christie’s keynote address to highlight New Jersey accomplishments

As the governor prepares to talk up the Garden State in his keynote address tonight, PolitiFact New Jersey revisits his claims touting New Jersey’s progress during his tenure

New Jersey Comeback scorecard looks at 4 economic indicators

Truth-O-Meter also reviewed Joe Kyrillos claim about U.S. corporate tax rates

Chris Christie's "Comeback" scorecard

Has a "Jersey comeback" really begun? Gov. Chris Christie says he won't utter those words in his keynote address,  but the governor will nonetheless tout his record in the state, including his stewardship of the economy. Here's a scorecard with just the facts.

Chris Christie, Republicans face Truth-O-Meter for attacking Jon Corzine, House Democrats

PolitiFact New Jersey recaps our weekend fact-checks on Gov. Chris Christie and the National Republican Congressional Committee

Christie named keynote speaker for GOP convention

The New Jersey governor will be the headliner on Aug. 28.  PolitiFact New Jersey reviews his record on the Truth-O-Meter.

Chris Christie named keynote speaker at GOP convention

With the New Jersey governor getting a primetime slot later this month in Tampa, Fla., here’s a roundup of Christie’s claims about Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.

Truth-O-Meter tests claims on Chris Christie's role in pension funding, job creation

Weekend claims target NJ governor's efforts in both areas.

Truth-O-Meter rules on weekend claims by Democratic congressman, GOP governor

Bill Pascrell claims President Barack Obama hasn't raised taxes, Chris Christie says using line-item vetoes slashed $360 million from New Jersey's budget.

Joe Kyrillos, Chris Christie claims rate False on Truth-O-Meter

U.S. Senate hopeful, governor cite wrong statistics in claims about national job creation, number of state employees.

Christie, Sweeney claims about taxes, teacher tenure tested on Truth-O-Meter

Gov. Chris Christie claims Sen. Paul Sarlo voted to raise income taxes after stating the budget would contain no new taxes; Senate President Stephen Sweeney says tenure has been modernized in New Jersey.

Chris Christie trots out PolitiFact-tested claims in think tank appearance

In an appearance at the Brookings Institution, the governor repeated claims previously tested on the Truth-O-Meter, including statements on tax hikes, job growth and Medicaid spending

Chris Christie cites his accomplishments, criticizes Democrats in new radio ad

PolitiFact New Jersey checks out a few of the claims the governor makes in a new radio spot.

High Court Hands Down Ruling on Health Care Law

Following the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act, PolitiFact New Jersey reflects on fact-checks about the law.

Truth-O-Meter hits both political parties with a False

Truth-O-Meter shoots down claims about New Jersey job growth, size of state budget.