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PolitiFact's guide to Republican-on-Republican attacks

The Iowa caucuses are over the GOP race and the rivalries will likely intensify. But which attacks are based in fact and which are baseless accusations? 

Top 5 for PolitiFact Florida in January 2016

The GOP presidential primary and the Democrats’ debate schedule fueled the Truth-O-Meter.  

Republican presidential candidates, their latest muffs and misstatements

Never mind Ted Cruz’s factually flawed ad about New Yorker Donald Trump. Tonight Cruz likely takes center stage thanks to Trump saying he’s not going to join the Republican presidential debate put on by Fox News.   See PolitiFact’s debate coverage plans here. Meantime, we scanned PolitiFact states to see what candidates have lately misrepresented or gotten right.

Live fact-checking the Iowa Republican presidential debate

Trump or no Trump, the show went on tonight in Iowa. Find out what the candidates said, and how true their claims were.

Flawed Ted Cruz ad ties abortion to Donald Trump saying, ‘How stupid are the people of Iowa?'

A Ted Cruz TV ad portraying Donald Trump as embodying liberal New York values--including support for abortion rights--exploits Trump saying in Iowa last year: "How stupid are the people of Iowa?" The ad lacks some perspective. Trump uttered his "stupid" question in November, 16 years after he described himself as pro-choice. Notably, too, Trump was urging Iowans to doubt the accuracy of personal stories told by candidate Ben Carson--not outright saying Iowans are stupid.

In context: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders on Goldman Sachs

Their basic message: Their political opponents side with greedy banks, specifically Goldman Sachs.   Follow our live updates: PolitiFact on the road in Iowa Jan. 18-22

Cruz, Trump each outpoll Hillary Clinton, most recent poll suggests

Contrary to a Ted Cruz declaration, it may be too close to call whether he outpaces Hillary Clinton in national polls while Donald Trump does not.   Here's a quick peek at the latest head-to-head polling -- Cruz v. Clinton and Trump v. Clinton.   NEW: We scope out federal reporting requirements per Cruz's campaign loans of 2012.

A Trump False: Ted Cruz has had a 'double passport'

Donald Trump last week said Ted Cruz has had a "double passport."   We found no evidence for that, rating Trump's claim False.   MOSTLY TRUE: Ted Cruz says it's always been that babies born to U.S. citizens abroad are citizens from birth.

New video or not, Clinton claim about ISIS using Trump in video is still False

With the emergence of a new terrorist-recruiting video featuring Donald Trump, many readers urged us to change our rating of a Hillary Clinton claim that we had rated False. But we are sticking with False.   • From the archives: Is Ted Cruz, born in Canada, eligible to run for president? • PunditFact: Does Vladimir Putin have journalists killed?  • Top 10 fact-checks of 2015

Donald Trump, Mexico--and Morocco

Donald Trump offered up video shot in Morocco in a TV ad about his vow to stop unauthorized people from crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.   Pants on Fire!  

The top 10 most viewed fact-checks of 2015

As 2016 approaches, we count down to our most popular fact-check of the past year.   • Our 2015 Lie of the Year coverage • What is the citizenship status of terrorist suspects in the United States? • Comparing the GOP candidates' ISIS strategies with Obama's  

PolitiFact’s 2015 Lie of the Year coverage

We summarize several stories about Lie of the Year. 

Mailbag: Donald Trump Lie of the Year edition

Readers weigh in on our selection of the campaign misstatements of Donald Trump as our 2015 Lie of the Year.   • The 2015 Lie of the Year • Readers' Poll results • A look back at previous years winners • Trump reacts to Lie of the Year 

Donald Trump responds to Lie of the Year, says he's ‘been proven right’

Hours after seeing his campaign statements named the 2015 Lie of the Year, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump took aim at PolitiFact, calling us a "totally left-wing group." Read the Lie of the Year

2015 Lie of the Year: the campaign misstatements of Donald Trump

A presidential candidate with an unprecedented record on the Truth-O-Meter earns our annual award.   • 2015 Readers' Poll results • A look back at previous years winners • NEW! Trump reacts to Lie of the Year   

2015 Readers’ Poll results

We reveal the winners of our 2015 Readers’ Poll.

PolitiFact Sheet: Defense spending under Obama and Congress

Our PolitiFact Sheet answers five questions about military spending and cuts over the last seven years. 

PolitiFact Sheet: Military spending under Obama and Congress

Our PolitiFact Sheet answers five questions about military spending and cuts over the last seven years.    • Vote now for the 'Lie of the Year' Readers' Choice award

Readying for final GOP debate of 2015

The top nine candidates for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination take to the stage Tuesday for the last debate of 2015. Before the contest airs at 8:30 p.m. on CNN, catch up here with the most recent-fact checks on candidate claims.

PolitiFact Texas Mailbag: ‘Really, how stupid can you people get?’

We’re opening our first mailbag since three newspapers started teaming on PolitiFact Texas in November.   Reader darts ahead...   Want the latest fact checks right away? Like our Facebook page; follow us on Twitter.