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Florida Education Association represents more than 250,000 teachers and education staff professional in Florida’s 67 school districts

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"Politicians and their corporate lobbyists are trying to take away my right to spend my paycheck how I want."

Says unions "take away" hard-earned money of teachers, firefighters and police officers to play politics.

The Florida House is "holding the FINAL public hearing" of a controversial education bill in the middle of spring break..."when they hope (teachers) are not watching or listening."

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Dueling ads over 'paycheck protection' legislation:

Legislation that would prohibit government unions from collecting dues through automated payroll deductions and require unions to get authorizations from members to use dues for political purposes has produced dueling ads from the Florida Chamber of Commerce -- which supports the idea -- and the Florida Education Association -- which opposes it. PolitiFact Florida takes a look at each ad and puts their claims to the Truth-O-Meter.

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