All True statements involving George Allen

"The poverty rate amongst women is the worst it’s been in 17 years and the extreme poverty rate is the worst it’s ever been."

Tim Kaine, as governor, proposed tax increases on people earning "as little as $17,000."

"Before I was governor, tuition was skyrocketing and we stopped that. We capped and then we froze college tuition."

Says he "cut taxes by more than $600 million" when he was governor.

"I was one of about a dozen (senators) who voted against the Bridge to Nowhere."

The United States "is number one in the world in energy resources; Russia is number two."  

"We are number one in the world when it comes to energy resources. ... The Russians are second; Saudi Arabia is number three." 

"The American people have endured 21 consecutive months of 9% or higher unemployment [and] 2.6 million jobs have been lost," since the stimulus bill was signed.

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