All statements involving George Will

Oregon’s "three largest employers, and 13 of the top 25, are health care providers."

The incandescent light bulb "has no effect whatever on the planet."     

"Social Security was advocated … in the 1930s as a way of getting people to quit working, because they thought we were confined to a permanent scarcity of jobs in this country."

Says President Barack Obama carried Congressional District 13 "by 8.2 points in 2008 and 5.6 points in 2012."

"Any Floridian who has ever requested an absentee ballot henceforth gets one automatically."

"Most of the (Affordable Care Act) has already in some sense been waived or otherwise suspended."

Says 18 states and the District of Columbia have voted Democratic in six consecutive presidential elections.  

Wisconsin education agency "urged white students to wear white wristbands ‘as a reminder about your (white) privilege.’ "    

"We lost more jobs in this great recession than the last four recessions combined."

Federal spending is "all discretionary, other than interest on the national debt. Social Security is discretionary. We have the discretion to change the law. Same is true with Medicare and Medicaid."

If Wisconsin's governor cuts perquisites as much as he plans to do, "it would still leave (workers) better off than their private sector" counterparts.

Just like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, "the AFL-CIO receives dues from foreign entities associated with it."

"Over 10 years, (extending tax cuts for the wealthy) would add less to the deficit than Obama added with the stimulus in one year."

During the recession, "the consumer in his native perversity has begun to save. The savings rate is now 6.2 percent."

Democrats in the 1930s wanted President Franklin Roosevelt "to be more conservative."

Says that President Obama said if Congress passed the economic stimulus bill, "we would have unemployment at 8 percent and no higher. And it went higher."

The final pitch of Don Larsen's perfect game in the 1956 World Series "was a foot and half probably high and outside."

Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah, cast votes for TARP, the stimulus, and an individual mandate for health care.

Greece "has a GDP the size of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex."

 "What the Arizona law does is make a state crime out of something that already is... a federal crime."

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