All Mostly False statements involving George Will

"Social Security was advocated … in the 1930s as a way of getting people to quit working, because they thought we were confined to a permanent scarcity of jobs in this country."

"Most of the (Affordable Care Act) has already in some sense been waived or otherwise suspended."

Wisconsin education agency "urged white students to wear white wristbands ‘as a reminder about your (white) privilege.’ "    

"Over 10 years, (extending tax cuts for the wealthy) would add less to the deficit than Obama added with the stimulus in one year."

Says that President Obama said if Congress passed the economic stimulus bill, "we would have unemployment at 8 percent and no higher. And it went higher."

Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah, cast votes for TARP, the stimulus, and an individual mandate for health care.

Most of the stimulus money will be spent "not this year, not next year, but in 2011."

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