All statements involving Hillary Clinton

"I want to freeze interest rates for five years."

Says the difference between her and Barack Obama is "about 35 years of experience."

"I have 35 years' experience making change."

"I have something in common with my husband. He never carried caucuses either. He lost all of the ones that I've lost."

"On issue after issue that really were hard to explain or understand, you voted present . . . And anytime anyone raises that, there's always some kind of explanation."

Hillary Clinton "has the only health care plan that covers every American."

"Senator Obama has, in fact, never had a serious Republican challenger."

In the Illinois Legislature, Barack Obama "voted 'present,' instead of yes or no" on seven votes involving abortion rights.

"George Bush sent people to war without body armor."

"I was fighting against those (Republican) ideas when you were practicing law and representing your contributor, Rezko, in his slum landlord business in inner city Chicago."

The Bush administration has "the Pentagon trying to take away the signing bonuses when a soldier gets wounded and ends up in the hospital, something that I'm working with a Republican senator to try to make sure never can happen again."

"Barack (Obama) has one of his biggest supporters in terms of funding, the Exelon Corporation, which has spent millions of dollars trying to make Yucca Mountain the waste depository."

"You know, Sen. McCain said the other day that we might have troops (in Iraq) for 100 years..."

"So that 2005 energy bill was a big step backwards on the path to clean, renewable energy. That's why I voted against it."

"There are 7,000 kids in New Hampshire who have health care because I helped to create the Children's Health Insurance Program."

"Sen. Obama's chair in New Hampshire is a lobbyist. He lobbies for the drug companies."

"You said you would vote against the Patriot Act, then you came to the Senate, you voted for it."

"Average families are spending roughly $2,000 more a year on energy costs. ... It's like a $2,000 energy tax in just the last seven years, more than three times what the typical American family received from the Bush tax cuts."

"I can't sign money. That's illegal."

"The estate tax, which came into being by Republicans like Teddy Roosevelt and others ... is there for a real simple reason: In America, we've never liked the idea of massive inherited wealth."

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