Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

All stories featuring Hillary Clinton

It's not the Clinton you think

"Clinton pastor" convicted of child sex abuse, says a newspaper Web site and a posting on an Obama campaign blog. It's a recipe for outrage.

Was McCain born in the USA?

The senator's birth overseas in a military zone raises a vexing question about whether he's eligible to be president. Since the issue rests on legal opinions, we'll explain the arguments but skip the Truth-O-Meter.

Polled position: gas taxes and supercars

The gas tax won't save you much and supercars will have to wait. Why can't there be an easy answer for sticker shock at the pump?

Clinton's long haul on foreclosures

Clinton — and Obama — spoke up early on mortgage problems.

Capital gains taxes demystified

McCain gets it half right on capital gains taxes while debate moderators pin down Clinton and Obama on where they stand.

Wright not Clinton's spiritual adviser

The Rev. Wright was one of more than 100 religious leaders invited to a prayer breakfast at the White House in 1998, but there's no indication he provided the Clintons any spiritual counseling.

Gas taxes, on holiday

The RNC is right that Obama once supported a gas tax "holiday," but a video glosses over some key details.

In Pa., 11th-hour attacks on health care

As the Pennsylvania primary looms, health care takes center stage in campaign ads

Trying to be tough on Big Oil

Dueling ads from Obama and Clinton say their opponent is weak on Big Oil. We find some truth and exaggerations on both sides.

Vanilla in Phila.

The Philly debate was a relatively tame affair, but it brought a new controversy into the campaign: Obama's ties to a former member of the Weather Underground. We check the facts.

Bill's Bosnia blunder

In defending his wife's mistakes about sniper fire in Bosnia, Bill Clinton makes a few of his own.

The Iraq war, for $100 month

We find Obama is right about how much households pay for the war.

Manipulating the bill counts

A chain e-mail uses apples-to-oranges comparisons to assert that Obama is a more active senator than Clinton.

FACT SHEET: Clinton. Obama. Their bills.

We compare the legislative accomplishments of the Democratic candidates.

President Clinton again on attack

Former President Bill Clinton claims Sen. Barack Obama "said one thing and did another" by accepting lobbyist money.

100 years of latitude

It's all over the news that Sen. Barack Obama claims Sen. John McCain will let the war in Iraq go on for 100 years. Obama is taking liberties with what McCain said, as we told you weeks ago.

Trip details trip Clinton

Video footage shows meet-and-greet but no snipers on First Lady's 1996 Bosnia trip

Chain e-mail fudges tax numbers

A chain e-mail on taxes makes a lot of points, not all of them right.

Keystone attacks

The Pennsylvania primary is six weeks away, but the charges have been flying fast and furiously. We check the facts on some claims.

Ready for the 3 a.m. call?

Clinton says she's skilled at foreign affairs because of her work as first lady on Northern Ireland, China and Kosovo. We check the facts to see what she did.