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Fact-checking Hillary Clinton's acceptance of the Democratic nomination

Fact-checking Hillary Clinton's acceptance of the Democratic nomination

Congress in 2013 turned fewest bills into law than any year since at least 1947

Joaquin Castro repeats a claim that Congress in 2013 was its least productive in recorded history. Aye--by bills passed into law.

Tan Parker: Texas Democrats have lost longer for statewide office than Republicans anywhere

After we checked a claim about Texas Democrats leading Democrats elsewhere in years shut out of statewide office, Tan Parker nudged that the state’s Democrats also have been shut out longer than Republicans anywhere. Zing!

Texas Democrats shut out of statewide office longer than Democrats in other states

Joaquin Castro says Texas Democrats lead the nation in a losing-streak way.

Julián Castro’s national moment

Four years ago, he bounced around Denver in relative obscurity. Tonight he’s got the coast-to-coast speaking slot that helped elevate a who’s-he state senator named Obama in 2004.

Truth-O-Meter takes on DWI costs, budget warnings

Two "what-if" warnings and a compensation snapshot per the state’s thousand-plus school superintendents fluttered the Texas Truth-O-Meter last week. To the Flashback...