Thursday, December 18th, 2014

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McConnell and Boehner's goals for the 114th Congress

We take note of Republican leaders' goals so we can revisit them in 2016 and see what is accomplished, what falls apart, and where Republicans compromise.

Fact-checking Obama's rules on carbon and coal plants

The Environmental Protection Agency's new rules to curb carbon emissions have spurred concerns ranging from economic impact to the closing of coal plants. We took a look at some of the claims surrounding the EPA's regulations.

Top 10 PolitiFact checks of claims by, and about, Barack Obama as he hies to Texas

What better way to welcome Obama to Central Texas than walking through the most popular PolitiFact fact checks of, or about, him this year--plus they include a 2012 check of Romney.

Do Obama and Democrats plan to fix the sequester?

John Boehner says they don't. We check the facts.

Did the House GOP keep its campaign promises?

In our final report card on the GOP Pledge-O-Meter, we look at how House Republicans fared on the promises they made to voters in 2010.

As the GOP convention kicks off, we review the GOP Pledge-O-Meter

PolitiFact and PolitiFact Georgia will be using the Truth-O-Meter to rate statements made by politicians and power brokers at the Republican and Democratic conventions. To kick off the GOP convention,  we review the "GOP Pledge-O-Meter," which tracks promises made by Republicans during the 2010 midterm election cycle.

Top 5 'Back to the Future' health care claims

Remember the summer of 2009? We sure do, and right now, we're feeling a lot of deja vu.

The flood of falsehoods about the health care law

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to review President Barack Obama's health care law, we review the falsehoods that simply won't stop.

Defining just what constitutes a 'jobs bill'

Led by Speaker John Boehner, Republicans cite the "Forgotten 15," which they describe as jobs bills that have passed the Republican-controlled House but not the Democrat-led Senate. But we found that nailing down the definitions needed to rate the speaker's claim about those bills wasn't so easy.

Checking John Boehner on millionaire taxes, impact on small businesses

Will increasing taxes on millionaires squelch job creation?     That’s been an often repeated assertion of Republican leaders like House Speaker John Boehner. But how well does that argument hold up on the Truth-O-Meter?

Last-minute deal gives transparency a beating

The debt deal was not posted online for three days before a vote. Promise Broken on the GOP Pledge-O-Meter.

Truth-O-Meter works hard during federal debt debate

The daily back-and-forth in Washington over the federal government’s finances has provided numerous opportunities for the Truth-O-Meter and PolitiFact researchers.

Fact-checking Boehner and Obama on debt duel

We're checking claims by President Obama and Rep. John Boehner in their prime-time speeches.

Boehner, Dewhurst and stimulus jobs

Ah, Washington: The U.S. House speaker posts a message on Twitter, then a campaign committee e-mails a barrage of press releases, each one tweaked to target different individual members of Congress, including two Texas Democrats. Before the day passes, the lieutenant governor of Texas airs the same flawed claim about how much each job attributed to the 2009 federal stimulus package ended up costing the federal government.

Debt debate keeps the Truth-O-Meter whirling

PolitiFact has been watching the debt-limit debate closely. As the deadline nears and the partisan impasse over tax increases and spending cuts remains, we thought we’d review a few major claims  that have been weighed on the Truth-O-Meter.

Flashback: Obama, the Mexico border and Shariah law

Fact-checks of legislators and an Austin City Council hopeful blended last week with looks at President Obama’s statements while in Texas — plus our first review of a claim by the White House press secretary, Jay Carney.

False ratings for both Obama, Boehner

Both President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner turned to the economy in recent comments. We found that each said something that earned a rating of False.

Are Republicans moving the goalposts on the budget debate?

We review the evidence available outside the closed-door negotiations.

GOP moving the needle on Pledge-O-Meter

Rules changes instituted by Republicans when they took control of Congress in January were one thing. How have they played out?

Checking on the GOP's constitutional promise

In a nod to Tea Party supporters, House Republican leaders promised to require constitutional justifications with every bill. We check to see if the promise has been kept.