All statements involving John Edwards

"If you are African-American in this country today, you are likely to have a net worth of about 10 percent of what white families have."

"I believe, Senator Clinton, you've raised more money from those people (the oil and gas industry) than any candidate, Democrat or Republican."

"One out of every four homeless people on our streets is a veteran."

"I won the South Carolina primary in 2004, and I was way behind in the polls at this stage in 2004."

"Our children's safety is potentially at risk because nearly half of the apple juice consumed by our children comes from apples grown in China."

Edwards says if Congress won't pass universal health care, he'll tell Congress: "I'm going to use my power as president to take your health care away from you."

Clinton has "raised the most money from Washington lobbyists ... from the health industry, drug companies, health insurance companies (and) the defense industry."

"What happens is people like Warren Buffett — and he says this 15 percent on the millions of dollars that they earn from wealth income... while their secretary is paying a higher rate on her work income. It's not right."

"John Edwards never -- has ever from the beginning of his political career has never taken PAC money or the money of Washington lobbyists. Ever." -Joe Trippi, senior campaign adviser

"Rural schools enroll 40 percent of American children, but receive only 22 percent of federal education funding."

Rural schools "face the highest dropout rates, the lowest college enrollment rates, have the lowest average teacher salaries..."

"I was the first presidential candidate to lay out a specific, truly universal health care plan."

Poor people go to a "payday lender...and they pay 300, 400, 500 percent interest."

An estimated 56 million Americans don't have bank accounts.

"We now have the greatest income inequality since the Great Depression."

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